Voice Juries - Fall 2017

Saturday, Dec. 9 

10:00AM - 1:00PM, Recital Hall
2:00-5:00PM, Recital Hall

Monday, Dec. 11 

2:30-4:00PM, Recital Hall (Carly's and Alana's students ONLY)
5:00-8:00PM, Recital Hall

Tuesday, Dec. 12 

1:00-4:00PM, Hamra Hall
5:00-8:00PM, Recital Hall

Please book your voice jury by following these instructions:

  1. Your name and email should be automatically entered.
  2. Type your Accompanist's first and last name.
  3. Select your jury type. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! You must select the correct jury type before you book a time. This sets the correct duration.

    As noted in the above schedule, there are special sessions set aside for Classical 298 juries, Musical Theatre 298 juries, and juries for Minor/Endorsement/Non-majors. All other jury time slots are for regular (including graduate choral and composition), graduate voice performance, and performance major audition juries. Pay close attention when selecting your jury date and start time.

  4. Select your preferred start time for your jury type and click the Submit Request button.
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Jury and Audition Booking


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